It’s Official


Today the postman delivered a package from BASI headquarters which contained my certificate, instructor’s licence and badge.  It’s a big badge!

The licence should be carried at all times while teaching and the badge is worn to identify instructors. So of course, my badge can’t be worn in France!

But tomorrow we are off to Switzerland to do the “Tour du Porte du Soleil”, a complete circuit of the piste map and the 10 resorts covered by the lift pass. So as we cross the Swiss border, I’m going to wear my badge, and bombard my companions (William and Nev) with instruction, until we cross back in to France later in the day.  Hahaha.

It’s the last week of the season for us; we will be wending our way home next week, after the most amazing and enjoyable winter.

My thanks to all of you who took the time to read my blog, and send encouraging and entertaining comments.  I pledged to donate to Patrick’s fundraising cycle challenge for Marie Curie Cancer Care for every contribution to my blog, and as a result totted up £80.

Now over to Patrick for the next challenge – Malin Head to Mizen Head by bike – rather him than me!


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  1. Comment by Richard xxx:

    Congratulations on a brilliant achievement, Karen.
    Just shows that those who have retired from gainful
    employment need not be written off in any respect.

    As a side issue, how on earth do the French argue, other
    than with a Gallic shrug, that they can qualify you as
    a ski instructor in every country in the world EXCEPT