Mid week checkpoint

As expected, the BASI Level 2 course / assessment / exam is a step up from Level 1 and quite a stressful challenge. There are 10 of us on the course, ranging from an RAF jet pilot, Ellis, who trains others, and also teaches Forces skiing, to a fearless 16 year old local “park animal”, Galico, and myself and Helen, of similar age, ability and madness!

Day 1: Andy took us on tour to see what our skiing level was like in various terrain, and found much that could be improved. Perhaps more than can be fixed in ten days! We all received personal feedback on what we needed to focus on. Andy’s words were – if you want to pass, guys, none of this is optional….

Day 2: In the morning we concentrated on the minutiae of demonstrating basics to beginners. This has to be exceptionally precise, as some people learn by watching and copying, and we don’t want them copying bad habits! Andy is VERY fussy. Only one person was declared to be “at the level required” (Sean) but we have more time to practise.
In the afternoon, we practised on big snowy lumps called moguls, a very different skiing skill where most of us struggled, but improved as the day progressed. I was quite pleased in the end. I didn’t fall over, was able to navigate my way downhill and maintain reasonable rhythm, most of the time. If only some of my other skiing was progressing as well! I am fairly sure I am one of the weakest participants, and there are definitely areas where I am at the “Fail” level at this point. Hey, it’s only Tuesday.

Day 3: Today we each had to deliver a lesson to our peer group, while Andy watched like a hawk. He misses nothing. My lesson was on the stage called plough turns, when beginners start to steer their skis in different directions. It didn’t go too badly and I passed this assessment with the feedback that I should talk less and demonstrate more.
In the afternoon we were going to focus on long fast carved turns, a bit like ski racers, but the slopes were busy, so we changed theme to much slower ‘plough parallel’ turns, where my attempts were declared the benchmark!!! If only I can remember tomorrow what I did right today ….

Tomorrow we are heading to a quiet slope where we can work on perfecting those long fast turns where we are cranked over at a ridiculous angle trying to go faster, and keep those skis on their edges. So now it’s after 9pm and time for bed. I need strong legs tomorrow.
The photo is of our training group on our last session with Ricey – Tom, Ricey, Me, Chip and Sean – all back on our own skis.

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  1. Comment by Janice:

    Glad you are enjoying the week, hope to find out sometime in the future how to do plough parallel turns, best of luck for the rest of the week and next.

  2. Comment by Ann Kyle:

    Best of luck! Keep going!! You’re nearly there. 🙂

  3. Comment by Trish:

    Fingers and toes crossed for you! I’m sure you’ll do yourself proud. xox