Last day of training

That’s the end of the training and all the preparation before the start of the two week BASI Level 2 Assessment. Here we are outside the BASS office after a celebration beer (or was it to calm our nerves …)
Some of the group will be completing their final (Level 4) International Ski Teaching Diploma exams, an exceptionally high level of qualification that will allow them to teach anywhere in the world, finally including France – a long five year plus slog to get to this stage.

Ricey decided to have some fun with us on Friday, so we all swapped skis, which felt very strange. As mine are dainty little women’s skis, Ricey’s feet were the only ones that fitted the binding range, so he took mine, and declared that he was going to have the most bizarre experience of all, skiing like a ballerina – which of course he is able to do most elegantly. I had tall Tom’s stiff long ones, and was just grateful to be able to turn them at all.

We also skied with our ski tips tied together, using little plastic grips that are given to tiny tots to keep their skis in the snow plough position, and skied in time to music, provided by Sean’s iPod and some portable speakers (music by The Killers).

Homework for the weekend is lots of R&R, no skiing, finding music we can have in our heads to accompany various types of skiing – from beginner snow ploughs, through parallels, short and long radius turns, bumps, powder and steep drops…I can think of some already 🙂

At the end of the day Ricey declared us “done” and ready to be handed over to Andy on Monday……..

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  1. Comment by Mavis:

    Good luck Karen. You are my star!!!

    Mum. Xx

  2. Comment by Richard xxx:

    Best of luck with the ASSESSMENT!

    Final exams, just like school and Uni, only more – much
    more – physically demanding. But you must be “fit as a flea” by now.


  3. Comment by Trish:

    Go Karen!! I’m sure you’ll do yourself and all your family and friends proud. We’re all rooting for you. Bonne chance!!

    Trish x

  4. Comment by Marie-Christine:

    The last hurdle, but please don’t wipe the examiner out…but I am sure it will go well. Will see you soon, when you are nearly through the whole lot. There will be some celebrating to do!!! Good luck for the final furlong.

  5. Comment by Ruth Mackie:

    Good luck for Monday. Sure you won’t need any though, you will be a star as usual! xxx

  6. Comment by Ruth and Nick Pearman:

    Hope the R&R and musical interludes are being enjoyed over the w-e. We think it’s just brilliant to have got this far in one piece and join the gang in wishing you the BEST OF LUCK next week.
    CU (fairly) soon in Kent – looking fwd to yr visit already – appetites for tales whetted by the blogs!
    Hugs Ruth and (prone)Nick xx

  7. Comment by Paula:

    Good luck this week Karen. We are all rooting for you. just think you have a lovely skiing holiday to look forward to afterwards!! Paula, George and boys xxxx

  8. Comment by Jane Houston:

    Karen, all the very best for your assessment. Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks’ time.

    Jane x