Time ticking away

Here we are unbelievably in the last week of training before our two week assessment and exams.

All the ski school shadowing has been completed and registered with BASI in the UK. The first aid course, child protection course and criminal record check are all logged, not to mention the Level 1 Pass.

Ricey is training us for the last intensive week before he hands us over to the BASI Examiner, who is Andy Jerram again, our Level 1 examiner, so we know we’ll be put under pressure, but will have as enjoyable a time as is possible … under the circumstances!

We’d all been practising hard together in between ski school work, and I certainly thought it was all coming together quite nicely.

Nice Ricey offered to give us an extra training session on Sunday for a couple of hours, and ended up spending a long afternoon addressing some fundamental flaws for each of us which we hadn’t managed to eliminate from our skiing, so it was a bit of a reality check.

Today he spent the whole day with us, and my notebook is filled with tips and techniques which, when I used them correctly, transformed the quality of my skiing. He is such a good teacher.

Now… all I have to do is consistently apply these gold nuggets to every move I make, and I’ll be fine !!

So it’s going to be a loooong week of practise, practice, practise.

Meanwhile, Ricey asked us all to have our skis correctly serviced and waxed overnight, so they are in tip top condition for tomorrow, and to keep them that way. I think he was shocked at the neglect we’d all shown to our most basic of tools. It’s not all about the pretty colours on top 🙂

I’m looking forward to the rest of the week.

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  1. Comment by Richard xxx:

    You have truly shown what William’s Scott grandad would have called “stickability” to the nth degree of persistence! You must have found it very rewarding, as according to your very modest account you’ve found your own ski-ing taking benefit from the training programme.
    Even if you were to fail the horrendous-sounding test, which seems unlikely, the course must have been worthwhile regardless of whether of not you gain the accolade of a pass mark!
    Best of luck in the assessment process. I’m sure you will triumph, but remember Kipling’s verdict on Triumph and Disaster……

    • Comment by Karen:

      Dear Richard,
      Thank you for your cheers of encouragement.
      I shall try to keep my head, shout for every nerve and sinew to “Hold On!” and hope for a few sixty seconds worth of distance skied well 🙂