Big Air!

This week one of my classes is a group of young teenagers who are very fast learners, and keen to have some adventure, so today, instructor Jon took us all to the snow park at Nyon, where we spent an exciting hour learning how to ‘get some air’ over the ramps and land in one piece. I confessed I’d never really sought out the thrills of the park before, so I became one of the class 🙂

Soon I was flying over the ramp into the air higher than expected and landing further than expected, and not disgracing myself in front of the others by falling over, or bottling out!

It may not have looked like this picture, but believe me it felt it!

On the way home we found a little house that had snow all the way up the walls to the roof, and so we all skied on the roof of the house. What a fun lesson.

If you want to see some real talent in the snow park, check out this video of UK’s top freestyle skier, James ‘Woodsy’ Woods.


Maybe that’s Friday’s lesson ……..

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  1. Comment by Paula:

    My boys will be very envious……

  2. Comment by Karen:

    I thought of them when we were there, and the sad faces when we found out it hadn’t been built up yet when they were here at Christmas.
    Next time!!

  3. Comment by Dick now off the stick, thank goodness.:

    Well done, Karen. I gather that the trick is to land
    more or less at the same angle as you take off. Sullivan
    once had experience of landing flat on his back, which more than took the wind out of his sails.


  4. Comment by Dick now off the stick, thank goodness.:

    Having seen the James Wood clip, all I can say is “Wow”!

    Plus, I think, “Careful now!”