The time is now flying by very quickly. Last week ski school was completed without further mishap or adventure, and the kids all enjoyed their week. The highlight was returning to the nursery slope and finding it so easy that they all decided they would ski it backwards. It’s amazing how much progress kids can make in a short time period.

I had a bit of a boot disaster on Friday afternoon when one of my boots unhinged having lost its pivot fitting. Sadly the verdict on this was that it was time to relegate the boots to the poubelle and get a new pair. Still, I had them for eight years, and they have served their time.

So Saturday was spent moving to my new home for the next two weeks, a nice little ‘pension’ hotel on the far side of the valley called L’Our Blanc, the white bear. Our own apartment has been rented for the next month, so I am homeless.

On Sunday, I got a chance to get fitted with a new pair of boots, and take them out for their first few days of ‘bedding in’.

Everyone who skis knows that ski boots are the bane of all our lives. It can be very hard to get a pair that fit well and are comfortable, and usually they need time (and discomfort) plus some adjustments at pressure points until they feel like that old pair of slippers.
So I have embarked on that route, and as I write have some very odd aches and pains that weren’t there when I was skiing today, but will need attention over the next few days.

The boot fitting shop will be able to mark the pressure points on the plastic of the boot then heat the boots up and expand them at those points making more room for my feet inside. That’s the theory.

I just need time to call back with them, in with all the shadowing and training that I have in my schedule this week. But the sun is shining and its absolutely lovely here this week. It is even warm. But just look at the amount of snow on top of the hut behind our ski class!

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  1. Comment by Ruth Mackie:

    Oh, I am SOOOOO jealous. What fabulous snow!
    Have fun.
    Ruth x

  2. Comment by Trish:

    Oh dear! RIP!! You have my sympathy and best wishes for a quick and relatively painless bedding in of the new boots!

  3. Comment by Ruth and Nick Pearman:

    Really glad to hear the rest of last week went well with no major hiccups as the kids quickly gained confidence! Sympathy on the boots – make sure you have a good supply of Compede plasters! And enjoy being a guest rather than a hostess for a while! lol Ruth xx