Brothers in Arms

After a pleasant weekend skiing with Marie Christine, it was back to ‘work’ and half term ski school. Morzine is so busy this week, with queues everywhere and lots of people on the slopes to avoid!

I am assisting a class of 7-9 year olds, with one teenage beginner who is very nervous, and I’m not sure if she is really enjoying herself at all. There are also two brothers who have told me they hate each other, because all brothers hate each other, two sisters from Dublin, who seem to like each other fine, but mainly just ignore each other, and one tiny smiley girl who just skis along quietly doing very well.

My job is to get the two brothers on and off the chairlifts without incident, and so far I have about a 50% success rate at that. Neither of them listen to instructions, so getting them to line up in a specific lane with me in the middle was the first hurdle. Next they have to ski forwards, staying in the same lane, while the chairlift comes behind to collect them, but one skied in front of me, so I ended up with him on my knee; a rather scary moment followed while I moved him carefully to one side without him falling out of the chairlift!

The next event was at the top, when they had to keep their skis up so they don’t get stuck under the chair and topple forwards, which one failed to do, while the other skied off randomly in front of me again, and I just avoided a multiple pile up.

So I gave them a lecture about paying attention.

Next time around, I reminded them at the bottom, lining up in the queue, that they were to pay attention to my instruc…….and one was off already on on a chair by himself. That’s not supposed to happen, and I followed him up calling instructions to him and to the lift operators to make sure he was ok getting off by himself.

I’m a nervous wreck.

Thankfully I was able to spend the afternoons practising simple things quietly on my own, and then relaxing with Marie Christine in the evening, over a wee glass of vin rouge, for medicinal calming purposes.

Today I met Eleanor, a friend of Gill’s, and her fianc√© Mark, who used to work in the same company as me. We had a nice crepe lunch for Shrove Tuesday, and then skied some more before making my way home.

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