Measuring Up

The day of our mock assessment.
Jaz Lamb, BASS Director and also Technical Director for the British Association of Snowsports Instructors, BASI, gathered us all together, and set the scene.

This is a very useful checkpoint day that gives us and the instructor team a good idea of where we are in relation to where we need to be in three weeks time. People do go home feeling depressed and disappointed after today, said Jaz, but take the feedback and work on it.

The format was that each of us, ten in all, would have two runs past the instructor team, demonstrating plough turns, plough parallel, parallel, short radius and long radius turns, then if there was time (there wasn’t) we would move over to the off piste and bumps.

And indeed the feedback was robust, but accurate, and actually, having been told to expect the worst, it wasn’t all that bad. Some, though far from all, of what I showed was at or near Level 2 standard, and what I really need to work on is consistency and being more aware of exactly where my body is in relation to my skis. Come to think of it, that’s quite a long way off perfect!

But all in all, it has been a good week, and I’m looking forwards, and with hard work and application to both practise and theory, I plan to be as well prepared as I can by the time the two week BASI Level 2 exam course comes round in March.

Meanwhile, there is still some ski school shadowing to be completed over half term, and this coming week I am assisting Scottish old-timer Gordie with a group of beginner children. That should be a bundle of laughs; last time I assisted Gordie he complained the children were shorter than his ski pole and he didn’t teach children that short.

I hope I measure up!



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  1. Comment by Trish:

    Well, based on my experience on Friday, Gordie is so laid back he’s horizontal so shouldn’t be too hard a task master!! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun and will be well up for any challenges he may present! – but as for the kids, who knows?! Go for it and enjoy! All the best, Trish

  2. Comment by Mavis Sleat:

    Well done Karen
    Another successful week and I know you will enjoy those kids, just don’t fall over them!!
    Mum x

  3. Comment by Marie-Christine:

    Keep going, Karen, you are nearly there! Let’s hope the shadowed classes behave well with no more mishaps on chairlifts!

    And enjoy the skiing and the lovely white stuff! I am back to the garden here : everything is so green, and the sun came out today!

    All the best, Marie-Christine