Breaking up isn’t so hard to do


Sean was recovering from a thump on the ribs from a fall last week, and Chip had an appointment with French Immigration, so Tom and I spent the morning practising for the forthcoming mock assessment.  Since two of  the other group had also gone awol, the assessment was postponed to Thursday. Halfway through the morning, on a steep black bumpy slope, my skill was found wanting, and I fell on that darn knee again. After limping (if that’s possible on skis) to the bottom of the slope, Tom and I set off to go back up, and I banged my thumb on the moving chair, with quite a crunch. On my next fall (these are indeed a frequent occurrence) I was no longer able to get myself up, as I had no completely functioning limb by that time.  I was starting to fall apart.

It did cross my mind that perhaps this time  I have bitten off more than is sensible for a mid-life baby boomer to chew!

Thankfully, Sandra my physiotherapist friend is here this week, and armed with strapping and other cures for orthopaedic ailments, of which there are many.  My preferred performance enhancing drug is currently ibuprofen.

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  1. Comment by Ruth Mackie:

    Ah, great having Sandra there! Essential person to take on all ski trips…

  2. Comment by Shelley:

    You really are amazing taking on such a challenge. It’s good that you’ll be getting some TLC for those injuries, do you have access to a hot spa or something to ease the aches away?
    you’ll know you’ve had enough if you start looking forward to the end of the ski season – I suspect that just won’t happen!
    Hang in there and have fun

  3. Comment by Richard, temporary alias Hopalong Dick:

    Careful now! Glad to hear you have your own personal physio close to hand.