Panic sets in!

It’s been a tough week, in many ways. I seem to have forgotten how to ski, and certainly am having difficulty recalling all the important details of body position, steering, control of speed and direction, and generally all that I’m supposed to know at this stage.

Or more accurately, I can remember most of the theory, but can I get me and my skis to incorporate it all into what I’m actually doing? And I haven’t even started to think about the teaching elements.

My skiing has been variously described this week as too slow, not enough athleticism, too conservative, hanging back, leaning back (worse!), and summarised as ‘driving a shopping trolley’. Kevin recorded my attempt at carved turns the other day and said it was so bad he didn’t want to show it to me. Though he did …..

I’ve been coming home fairly dejected and frustrated, and thankfully my good friends are here to cheer me up.

To add to the misery, it poured with rain all day yesterday, and I came home after a day out in it, dripping and with a streaming cold.

But it’s not just me, and other members of the course are dropping like flies with injuries and ailments too, and getting their fair share of feedback.

I think we have entered the boot camp phase of this course, and the stakes have been raised.

Next week, we are taking what is essentially our mock exams and will be advised on how far off the required standard we are, with three further weeks until the real thing.

No pressure then. :-O

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  1. Comment by Ann Kyle:

    I can see some cheering up is required! At least you are not the only one finding it difficult. Best not to think about next week for a while. It’s the weekend, school’s out and you’ve got lots of buddies there (and on their way) to have some fun with! :-))

  2. Comment by Paula:

    Heres my advise….just keep in there. Try to relax a bit and not think so much. Get some good relaxing music or go for a massage. what’s the worst thing that could happen? It’s really not that bad…. So just chill and run with the experience. nurse your cold with echinacea vitamin c and zinc. If it was a walk in the park, it wouldn’t be worth doing really would it. It reminds me a little of my teaching course, people dropped like flies out of that too.

    level 2 next year?

    enjoy the snow!! come April it will all be gone. Xx

  3. Comment by Ruth and Nick Pearman:

    Like Paula, I am reminded of my teaching course when suddenly the pressure was on and we were expected to do a million things at once – perfectly,and under observation – actually they do want you all to pass, and to pass well and so this is part of the strategy… .hope you have had a few glasses of wine tonight and will have a relaxing day tomorrow with your mates…then on Mon it could well be a different story..Hope so..Cheers! Keep calm and carry on as they say.. Rxx

  4. Comment by Karen:

    Thanks for all your encouragement, i’ts great to have such supportive friends. To put it in perspective, I should also add …. I’m having the time of my life here this year 🙂