Catching up

It really was a lovely week here in Morzine.  The snow under foot was in great condition, there was sunshine and snowfall, and a lot to keep me occupied. I had a sunny lunch stop one day at Mont Chery looking at this wonderful view over Les Gets and Morzine with Mont Blanc in the distance.

Our friends Norman and Geraldine from Cork had rented our apartment, so I decamped to my friend Marie Christine’s flat for the week, where I was very well looked after, and had some jolly company.

The week’s activity consisted of shadowing a group of nervous adults, as the instructor taught them how to tackle trickier slopes and steeper red runs with lumpy snow or ice. David and James had been stuck at this level for several years.  They run a small clothing company SeaSalt in Cornwall, and were amused when I told them I had several of their nautical stripey sweaters in my wardrobe. By the end of the week, James had skied a steep red that he couldn’t even step down on Day One, so the course was a great success.

Meanwhile, Kevin the instructor was also working on improving our skills, and I was keeping up well, until on Friday afternoon, he decided we would tackle some steep, lumpy, powdery crud off the side of the piste.  His suggestion that we combine this feat with an exercise in which we shuffled our skis at the same time was met with an inevitable outcome.

It was very frustrating and I spent most of the afternoon digging myself and my skis out of the snow.  I also learnt a new way to get the darn things back on when staggering around in this deep stuff (demonstrations free to anyone who asks) but it didn’t help with the primary task of staying upright. Kevin the instructor suggested that slow deep breathing might help with the rhythm and timing for the turns, but since I was hyperventilating my timing was not quite what was required!

While I was convalescing last week, it seems the others were going through this pain barrier, and so I decided I would corner Ricey over the weekend and confront my demons. In fact, I had a great afternoon today with Ricey, and although I would not describe my skiing as elegant, more of the time was spent with the skis under my feet instead of akimbo, so progress has been made.  Now I need to get out there into the deep, and practise.

Thie week I’m on my own in the apartment, so lots of time to spend on study and lesson planning, and balancing on the Sweetspot trainer.  Every little helps.


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  1. Comment by Trish:

    Wow! Am really looking forward to learning the secret of putting the skis on in deep powder! Roll on next week +1!! Keep up the good work! x

    • Comment by Karen:

      I’m looking forward to seeing the gang out here for the traditional Burns supper – Mary is smuggling the haggis in her boots again! LOL

  2. Comment by Shelley:

    Hi Karen it sounds like you’re becoming a gun skiier. But is the photo you?

  3. Comment by William:

    What a lovely scene from Mont Chery, ma cherie. There was almost as much snow on the top of the Urris hills in Donegal today!

  4. Comment by Ruth and Nick Pearman:

    I do love the photos Karen … your challenges are mighty … really don’t envy you in those drifts .. mind you could be us soon as we have 10 cms of snow at the mo but have not tried skiing in Mote Park yet ! have another good week and look fwd to the next blog Ruth xx

  5. Comment by Ruth Mackie:

    Looks fabulous!

  6. Comment by Richard, temporary alias Hopalong Dick:

    Was it some mad Brits who invented this curious means of progressing down steep slopes, by tying their feet to planks of wood? Or were they merely the inventors of the ski-ing holiday? which I note that many of my adventurous relatives have turned into an art form, or even a means of earning a crust while enjoying themselves.
    Sullivan and family are about to depart on their annual ski holiday, somewhere high in Austria I understand. Perhaps they need to discover Morzine.