Instead of skiing

It’s Wednesday, and another sunny and beautiful day for skiing.  Sadly, the only skiing I am doing is in the apartment.

So I’ve turned the living room into my personal ski lab.

I’ve been lent a Sweetspot Trainer to practise balancing and posture in my ski boots, and I’ve set up a mirror, so I can analyse my position  – it’s a good activity, and a bit of a workout for the old pins too.

I’ve got the huge BASI manual to read, some coaching DVDs to watch, and some online video footage to compare against the standard, and try to pick out the errors.  It’s much easier to pick out errors than to eliminate them from your own ski performance, that’s for sure.

And some physio exercises to fit in around the rest of the regime. 

Still, I’d much rather be skiing ……… looks like that will have to wait for a few more days at least.

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  1. Comment by Bill Sleat:

    Your new simulator seems a lot safer, and warmer too.
    I think I could manage that

  2. Comment by Ann Kyle:

    Good to see you are keeping busy despite your injuries. We will expect perfect posture and an encyclopedia knowledge of the manual by the time we arrive!

  3. Comment by Mary Hepburn:

    Tut, tut – wearing your ski boots indoors. You’d better not let the owner catch you !!

  4. Comment by Richard, temporary alias Hopalong Dick:

    Hi Karen.

    I’m just catching up with my emails after 10 days or so away from home. Do I gather that you’ve had a sporting injury? Oh dear oh dear. I hope to have my plaster off on Thursday of this week, so we’ll see whether or not I can walk without a stick after that.