Great elbow, shame about the knee ….


Scene: Late Thursday afternoon on the nursery slopes, technical session with our instructor Ricey. We are standing still discussing the correct stance for a beginner’s  plough parallel turn.

Me, me, me, smartypants Karen knows  the answer – and shows a little slice of pizza with her skis – ‘like this’,  then …

also demonstrates a BIG slice of pizza  – ‘not like this’, and starts to slide backwards, her share of the pizza getting bigger and bigger, and legs getting wider and wider, until finally she can extend no further and falls over, twisting her knee.

After hobbling and wobbling back to the cable car to be picked up at the bottom by William, feeling very sorry for myself, I came home thoroughly dejected, and seriously worried that this could be the end of the season for me. Or even my skiing career

But the good news is that once again I am very lucky, and there appears not to be any serious damage. So I have my knee on packed ice, and am to ski again only when the swelling has gone, I can run up and down the stairs, jump from side to side and have no odd twinges.  Later in the week, suggested my new friend Sarah, the resident physiotherapist for the BASS instructors, but she wants to see me first, to approve my rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, I’ll be watching videos and reading books and looking out the window at the lovely sunny weather, and willing myself better.

Ricey the instructor says I should spend the time dreaming that I can ski beautifully, and then transfer it to the slopes!

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  1. Comment by Geraldine McClelland:

    Oh dear Karen the New Year hasn’t started off too well. I’ve just been speaking to your Mum and mentioned that you sounded less positive in your last blog but I hadn’t expected this. I wish you a speedy recovery and perhaps you should be less willing to demonstrate next time. It’s all double Dutch to me although I do enjoy your blogs! Love Geraldine x

  2. Comment by Paula:

    Hope you are back on those skis again soon. Ill give you a week and you’ll be back on the slopes i bet Xx

  3. Comment by Ruth and Nick Pearman:

    Shame Karen, though the description did make us giggle! Really hope you are back on those skis by the end of the week and that meantime you enjoy all those books you never usually have time to read…
    lol R&N and also Sonia and Emily who cooked a lovely meal for us this eve xxxx

  4. Comment by Shelley:

    Hi Karen, that is a shame. But no doubt just a minor setback in your quest for professionalism. I do hope you enjoy your forced relaxation, and I suspect William will be quite pleased to have you out of action for a few days.

  5. Comment by Ann Kyle:

    Well, personally speaking, I thought you skied beautifully before you started this carry on!
    Glad to hear no serious damage to your knee and hope you are soon back on your lovely new skis.
    There may be a lesson in your last two posts. Something about not doing the splits on the snow perhaps? (or anywhere for that matter) !!

    • Comment by Karen:

      Well thank you. I have vowed never ever to snow plough ever, ever again! It may be a beginner manouevre, but it’s VERY dangerous!! QED.

  6. Comment by Trish:

    Oh dear! Your description of the ever-growing pizza slice brought back memories of how I sustained my own knee injury, although I was only going forwards across the slope not backwards down it! Great to hear you’ve sustained no lasting damage and I’m sure you’ll soon be back on the piste, maybe a bit less eager to demonstrate how not to do it!? Wishing you a speedy rehab. Trish x

  7. Comment by Jane Houston:

    Hi Karen Hope you’re now on the mend after the pizza manouevre. No more snow ploughs for me!! Best wishes for a quick recovery. Jane x

  8. Comment by Karen:

    Thanks everyone for all your encouragement. I’m sure I’ll soon be bombing round the mountains again.