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Bon Voyage

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We are all packed up and ready to go!

And thankfully, everything  fitted inside the car. That includes a selection of chutney and home made marmalade, a home made christmas cake, somewhat sozzled by now, two garden tables and four chairs (they were an end of season bargain at HomeBase!), three hairdriers, six framed pictures, a slow cooker, a food processor, and my new skis!

I confess, the line was drawn over an artificial christmas tree, and we did have to leave the kitchen sink behind, but now that the tyres are pumped up, we are good to go.

It’s snowing all over France next week, so the snow chains may see some action …..

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My kind of ski goddess!

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I came across this article today which just made my jaw drop in awe.

Virginia Reed, aged 82, still takes part in senior ski races and skis every day of the season in her home resort in California.

I used to think it would be great to still be able to ski in my fifties.  That was when I was in my thirties, of course….

Then I thought I might last until my sixties …..

Now – I can only beam with delight at the possibilities ahead.

Click here to read more about Ginny Reed

Norwegian Olympic Skating Champion 1928-1936PS – she even used to skate with Sonya Henje (who won every world and olympics figure skating competition from 1928 – 1936)

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Ahhh, the relief!

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Oh, how nice it is to soak in a bath!

Good news from the fracture clinic, once they got over my confession that I was planning to go skiing in mid-December.

My arm is out of plaster, and I have an exercise sheet to restore it to full mobility. I arm-wrestled the nice registrar, and he seemed to think it was doing OK, though it’s still black and blue under the plaster. Officially, he said he couldn’t recommend any sporting activity for another month, but unofficially he told me I’d be fine, and just to be careful as another fall on the elbow might dislocate it again and damage the bone chips that were knocked about the first time. He shook my hand, and it moved up and down, and he confessed he was very jealous of my plans.

So it’s still very stiff, and my fingers don’t reach my mouth yet, but I’m on my way!!!

 And I’ve bought this cool elbow protector with a Kevlar corner. As the nice doctor said, at least it will remind you that you have been injured ….




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Please release me, let me go

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I’m off to see the orthopods in the Fracture Clinic today, wish me luck!

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Flashmob burns out

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There is an interesting row brewing in the French Alps between the official ESF ski school (practically a closed shop) and UK tour operators who offer ski hosting services to their clients.

A ski host offers a guided tour of the resort, staying on the marked pistes, a useful free service for new skiers to an area. We have been taken round the mountains by ski hosts and its always great fun.  But they are not trained instructors.

After decades of hosting, ESF is now asserting that it is dangerous for anyone who is not a fully qualified instructor to offer this service, even though hosts are absolutely not allowed to teach, only take experienced skiers, and stay in the safe marked area.

And they have taken a small ski company Le Ski to court in France as a test case. The UK ski industry is up in arms!

Of course this would be nothing to do with the fact that 95% of ski instructors in France work for ESF, and it’s exceptionally difficult to qualify, especially as a foreigner.

Meanwhile, timing being everything, 250 ESF instructors planned a Flash Mob type event in London on Thursday, demonstrating their skills as they marched round London in their red ski suits with their skis. Various quips on Twitter and other social media sites have been very funny, asking if this ESF mob have a fully qualified tour guide to show them round, and if they have taken dancing qualifications for their synchronised dance performances.

UK tour operators, ski schools and ski clubs planned a demonstration, and the Flash Mob event has now been cancelled. Quelle dommage. C’est la vie. Gallic Shrug…

Read more on  http

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Fifty Shades of Duct Tape

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 I read an article in the Guardian this week about a woman who had divorced her husband due to irreconcilable differences, since he refused to act out any of the kinky scenes from the infamous novel du jour, Fifty Shades of Grey.

I have no such problems; my husband is taping my arm up with duct tape and a plastic bag every morning for my shower.

I bet Christian Grey never did that with his duct tape.

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A little physiotherapy

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Well, a little late night dancing on Saturday didn’t seem to do any harm, and I set off in good spirits with my trusty chauffeur William to Altnagelvin A&E on Monday morning, hoping that the orthopods might agree that I’m on the road to recovery.

Of course as a resident of Ireland, I am not entitled to NHS treatment, but was seen under the E111 system as a foreign visitor (and invited to pay through my medical insurance too, naturally).

But the prognosis is good, and I may get the cast off in two weeks if the X-rays of my slight bone chip are better, and be able to start physio rehabilitation.  Meanwhile, I am to wiggle and stretch as much as possible, avoid another fall, and it just might be stable enough by December to strap up the elbow well, and carry on.  My theory is that planting my ski pole forward down the hill at every turn might be the very best physiotherapy for my injury 🙂

All fingers crossed for now, even the sore ones!

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Ice and Gravity

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 It seems I didn’t quite cover all the possibilities for disaster 🙁

Friday morning is my usual time for a skating session at Dundonald Ice Rink.

After more than 20 years of chucking myself around like an idiot, injury free, today it all went horribly wrong.

I landed a very nice Salchow, followed by a nice Toe Loop, and decided in my enthusiasm to have a go at a more difficult Flip, at one time my favourite jump……

I spent the afternoon in Royal Victoria Hospital having a dislocated elbow returned to its socket under anaesthetic.


Tonight I will attend our yacht club dinner wearing a little black dress with matching plaster cast and sling.









And on Monday morning I will attend Altnagelvin Hospital to find out my fate.

This may be a very short blog

sobs inconsolably .. 😥

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Homework completed, another email from the ski school arrived during the week, with pre-course information to prepare for the rigours ahead.  Now each morning over breakfast, a new panic item starts my day.

Monday – The first Level 1 exam is after only two weeks. How do I get good enough to pass that!? (I’ll try to be really good at something! Maybe how to use the chairlifts…)

Tuesday – I forgot, I’m scared of little kids on chairlifts, wriggling about and trying to fall to their deaths. Why am I doing this?

Wednesday – I have no idea how to teach anybody anything, in fact I’m really bad at it.  Why am I doing this?

Thursday – How can I get fit enough to keep up with the other young, fit class members, who are probably all out running marathons and riding bikes all over the countryside at the weekends? I have started a new exercise regime, this one is serious!

Friday – What if I fall and get injured in the first week trying to keep up with the other young, fit class members?

Well, too bad, game over !!

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