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The first module

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I suppose in these days of litigation and child protection awareness, it should not have been a surprise that my course has a mandatory module on child safety and protection, and that to be awarded with my instructor’s badge, I will need to pass the ubiquitous Police Criminal Record Vetting Procedure.

The module is delivered as an on-line training exercise, with background reading and a test at the end of each section.  Like many people I suspect, I came to this course with a sigh, and an attitude that it was one of the unfortunate neccessities of modern life when one is interacting with children.

But I found the topic both disturbing and thought-provoking.  I think the course was designed with the knowledge that many people taking it might have the same attitude, and plan to pay lip service to the content. But the opening exercise involved reading the entire report from the Victoria Climbie Inquiry by Lord Laming.  That certainly made me approach the course much more seriously.  The case was so shocking. But the point made by the inquiry was that many, many people came across that little girl and did nothing, because they did not think of intervening, or did not know how to go about it.  Teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, neighbours, all ignored the signs that Victoria was in danger, until it was too late.

This course makes the point that anyone who works with children may find themselves worried about a child’s safety, be it neglect or worse, or that a child may try to talk to them in the hope that they may be helped.  The course gives some advice on what to do, what not to do or say, and how to get the right professionals involved to help. I hope never to have to put it to use.  But now I do understand the importance of the training, and I’m glad that everyone working with children has to take similar training.

I am pleased to say, I have now passed the first module of my course.  And here is my certificate!

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