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Am I insurable?

By Karen | Filed in Blog

Having worked for an insurance company for the last ten years of my IT career, I was firmly of the opinion that there was insurance for everything, no matter how obscure.

So it has been quite a surprise to discover that it is actually quite difficult to get insurance to cover my plans for the winter.

Karen needs insurance!I started with car insurance. Most companies will insure a car to be out of the country for 30 or 60 days, but not the four months that we plan to be in France with my trusty little car.

Undaunted, I thought that there must be something for back-packers and those who set off to travel in a Dormobile, say, crossing continents. And indeed there is. But to be eligible for this type of insurance you must keep crossing those continents, you can’t stay put.

So it seems I have fallen into the middle somewhere, and the only way around this may be to re-register my car in France. Given France’s notoriety for its administration processes, I think I’d prefer leave the car at home.

Karen needs more insurance!Next up, ski trip travel insurance. Most travel insurance doesn’t cover skiing, but it is offered at an additional premium. However the small print states that cover is generally limited to two or three weeks per year. I am not eligible for the BASI insurance which is designed for this course, as I don’t live in the UK. We have previously insured with Ski Club of Great Britain, which will cover up to 60 days per trip. Enough for any other year, but not this one.

I will continue my search. As I said, somewhere out there, is insurance for anything no matter how obscure. I just have to find it!

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